Therapia Psychologist Adelaide

Our practice incorporates Couple Therapy, General Psychology, Clinical Sexology and Corporate Advisory. We Build Better Relationships, assisting individuals, couples, executives and business people to achieve their objectives and live their best life.
We are experienced consultants, counsellors & psychologists.

At Therapia Psychology we specialize in assisting Individuals, Couples and Business.

We offer positive psychology, counselling, corporate advisory, performance coaching & mentoring. We can assist with most mental health concerns, relationships, anxiety, stress, burn-out, depression, addictions & your overall well-being.

You can expect to gain a greater understanding of your psychological self and your loved ones whilst developing the necessary skills to move towards a more meaningful life and a stable, fulfilling future.

Each psychologist in Adelaide is highly experienced and passionate about their profession of psychology and delivering positive outcomes to you.

Our Practice
Individual Counselling

A Psychologist can help you to gain insight into your thoughts, feelings and behaviour as well as provide you with strategies for coping with significant changes or transitions which are causing difficulties.

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Couples Counselling

It’s common for couples to encounter challenges at some stage during their relationship. However, some challenges are more serious than others, needing support to recognise the issues and find a way to move forward.

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Clinical Sexology

Our sexuality is a significant part of who we are, affecting the way we think and feel about ourselves, our bodies, and often extending to our relationship with others. If you are concerned about your sexual health. Reach out we can help.

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Workplace Wellness

Welfare in the workplace is critical to your company’s success, and our specialist corporate counsellors and coaches provide a range of contemporary services to enhance your team’s performance.

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Corporate Advisory

We work regularly with Boards of Directors, Senior Managers and Key Executives to deliver improved performance and lasting results.

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Depression & Anxiety

Psychological treatments can help improve your ability to fight depression or deal with anxiety by changing your thinking patterns. By reducing irrational worries, you can keep your anxiety and feeling of depression in check.

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What makes relationships work and what contributes to their demise?
We have searched for understanding and sought to use our knowledge to guide others. Breakdown and Breakthrough – humorous insight and personal life experiences often influence our journey. Every day we feel privileged to share your journey, moved and motivated by your stories. Thank you for inviting us to make a difference in your lives.
Mardi Kaye
Founder/ Director