About Us


Welcome to Therapia

Therapia is a research based practice. Therapia offers a unique range of counselling and coaching. All services offered by Therapia are based on research from respected institutions in the field of individual and relationship counselling, workplace wellness and sexual health.

Therapia is Adelaide’s most contemporary Corporate Therapy organisation. Workplace Wellness is critical to your company’s success. As well as individual counselling for employees and their families, Therapia offers personality profiling for your staff, training and development opportunities to entrepreneurs, CEO’s, and management through our Coaching packages.

Therapia is a private practice specialising in individual and couple therapy. Navigating the relationship roadmap can be challenging at times. When our personal relationships struggle we often struggle in other aspects of life. Are you asking yourself Recommit or Quit?

Let us help – We Build Better Relationships Piece By Piece.

A clinical sexologist is available to discuss any issue you have. Therapia is a private practice specialising in sexual health. Our sexuality is part of who we are affecting and influencing what we think and feel about ourselves.

Our Mission

We aim to teach Emotional IQ to assist individuals, couples and corporate organisations. Piece by piece we build better relationships.

Our Vision

To be Adelaide’s leading private therapy provider.

Our Approach

Our approach to individual and couple therapy is best described as psychodynamic. We aim to provide you with straight forward practical strategies in which you will have the opportunity to explore, discover and clarify ways of approaching life and living more resourcefully.

At Therapia you can be assured your health concerns and relationship style will be accepted and respected.

The number and frequency of sessions depends on you. For individuals we recommend an initial commitment of three appointments one week apart. Couples may choose to come together or individually. For couples who wish to come together we recommend an initial joint appointment that is followed by an individual appointment for each person.

Relationship Therapist & Clinical Sexologist Mardi Kaye is recognised as one of Australia’s most original & insightful voices.

From the Bedroom to the Boardroom Mardi’s expertise in emotional & erotic intelligence, work-life balance, conflict resolution and navigating the modern marriage have won her clients nationally & internationally.

Her practical, down to earth strategies with a touch of humour thrown in could be just what your conference or seminar needs.

Please direct all speaking enquiries to:

Melissa Petrus