Adelaide Psychologist Jane “Support your team’s Hobbies and Passion Projects. It’s a win- win!”

Adelaide businesses help their teams thrive through hobbies & workplace wellness


It’s no secret that helping people tap into what makes them feel happy and fulfilled at work can boost morale and increase productivity. An engaged employee is often a great communicator & will lead collaborative office projects. On the other hand, not-so-engaged employees may struggle to tap into their creativity, and have a hard time seeing the Purpose of their work. But how important is it, really, to encourage employees to fulfil their personal interests and invest time in their passion projects outside of the office? Therapia’s Adelaide Psychologist says the answer: imperative !

It turns out that supporting employees with endeavours that might have nothing to do with their job titles comes with a host of benefits for workers and bosses alike. Engagement in a passion project has been found to help workers Reduce stress and switch “off” the workday when they leave the office . The win – win here Is they return more refreshed and inspired the next day.

If you’re a manager looking to support your employees’ passion projects but aren’t sure where to start, these simple strategies will help.

Talk it up in your one-on-ones

Meetings with your staff play a huge role in building positive rapport and overall company culture. These check-ins are also a great opportunity to discuss any outside interests that matter to employees. Make it clear that you care about who they are and what they are interested in — both inside and outside of the workplace, and ask how you can support them to keep up those passion projects. Our Adelaide Psychologist advises to effectively show your support, encourage them to talk about these things or share a story about their passion at a

Leave room for different work styles and attitudes

As a boss or a manager, it can be tempting to want your employees to relate to work in the exact same way that you do — but that’s not realistic. If work is your main passion, it can be hard to see why others “need” to find fulfilment in other places. Our Adelaide Psychologist Jane suggests being open to other people’s unique needs is exactly the kind of attitude that increases employee trust and leads to better manager-employee relationships overall.

Encourage a culture of giving back

Making voluntary work a part of your company’s culture is another sure-fire way to put your employees in touch with their passions gives employees the opportunity to express “personally meaningful values,” which in the long run can help them feel more committed to their organisation. What’s more, providing employees with the chance to give their time and energy to a cause they wouldn’t otherwise become involved in can help them find a passion they didn’t know they had.

Get 2020 off to a great start with a workplace wellness program . Need help contact us today. Our Adelaide Psychologists can support you and your team members with individual psychology, couples counselling, marriage counselling, clinical sexology and workplace wellness.

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