Divorce Debt Rises

News Out this week Divorce is costing Australia 14 billion a year. So why is it that Marriage or Couple Counselling is not adequately funded through our Private health funds?

The government launched a $200 voucher system this week to a limited number of couples on a trial program for pre-marriage education. Whilst I agree early intervention is really important often couples presenting to counselling have moved through the honeymoon period and now find themselves navigating the relationship road-map stage commonly known as the Power Struggle. The most common relationship stressors include Communication, Money Matters, Infidelity, Career Conflict, Family Planning and Low Libido. Whilst it’s great to learn tools to help with these concerns in advance, Marriage and Couple Counselling deserves government support equal to that of the Medicare Mental Health Care plans which now allow individuals to visit a psychologist for 10 visits per calendar year.

Therapia receives 20-30 calls per week from couples confused desperate for help and wanting to use a mental health care plan for Couple counselling. It’s plain and simple marriage counselling is expensive, not funded by the government and they’re often struggling to afford the service. Furthermore these couples are often completely confused believing a Psychologist is the right person to assist them with their marriage problems. Very rarely is a psychologist trained and certified to deliver Marriage or Couple Counselling. Psychologists are experts in mental health –not marriage.

Whilst I don’t believe Medicare is the right funding arm for Marriage or Couple Counselling surely our private health funds could come to the party and help out these struggling couples. After all your private health fund now pays for a massage, your gym membership & if you’re really lucky a new pair of sports shoes. Whilst it’s nice to have the latest pair of Nike’s divorce is breaking up families and costing Australia 14 Billion a year.

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