Engage the best psychologist for your employees via employee assistance programs

Are you wondering why a company would take an interest in the employee’s welfare? Today, you will find that in influential company culture, supporting the employees plays a crucial part in building employer-employee relations, besides business purposes. There are a lot of evaluations and changes in the corporate world that are taking place at an incredible pace. As the task gets demanding as the days pass, the employees would find it difficult to cope with the increasing pressure. Replacing the employee would not always be the right solution, mainly when that person worked with you for more than a year or so. The purpose of EAP is to help the employees to deal with the problems that hinder their jobs. Hence, the companies come with an employee assistance program which you call counseling or consulting program conducted by an organization for the welfare of its employees. Therapia Psychology has a team of experienced psychologists in Adelaide that helps and motivates the employees to handle pressures and deliver their tasks on time.

What are the benefits that you get from our employee assistance program?

Today, you will find the companies providing allowances to their employees and supporting them when they have come close to their breakdown. Our employee assistance program helps the employees increase the organization’s productivity resulting in higher returns on investment. 

At Therapia Psychology, you get some of the benefits from our EAP through our psychologists in Adelaide, who focus on the overall welfare of the employees in your organization.

  • Accessibility – With the advancement of technology, you will also get online access to EAP. Such programs provide an online and offline platform according to the employees’ choice. An employee can log in with valid credentials and get immediate access to various devices or podcasts on an online platform.
  • Availability – The employees and their immediate family members can avail the of round-the-clock assistance. Hence, the family members must meet the eligibility criteria. Furthermore, the employees can talk with our experts through chat, texts, emails, and phones and take assistance as per their requirements.
  • Confidentiality – The program would be between the employee and the concerned psychologist. Hence, you can say that our programs keep the employees anonymous. No other employee can breach other people’s information in any program. 
  • Security – Every person would like to maintain anonymity to maintain their secrets. We understand the data sensitivity of other persons and ensure their anonymity remains intact. The security increases the program’s credibility and employees’ trust, resulting in more enrollment.
  • Job Stress & Burnout – Job stress results from burnout, which is one of the leading causes of job stress, making you land in a vicious circle. At Therapia Psychology, our experts go deep into the problem and help the employees keep their minds relaxed, enabling them to come out of the vicious circle.


Stress and overload are prevalent in the workplace. Sometimes, it would help if an employee undergoes the program for their betterment, enhancing their performance in the organization.

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