Introducing EAP To The Work Environment

Our world is changing at a very fast pace. As we move a step closer to modernization, we eventually find our lives being familiar with concepts of anxiety, unresolved issues, stress, worries, depression and more. These occurrences are not just seen in adults but in children as well. Stress starts right from the formative years. School is the first place children face competition. While some children handle it well, some others find it stressful. 

Psychologist North Adelaide assists teenagers, families, couples, individuals, and employees alike to bring their minds out of mental chaos and disturbance to put them to fruitful use. This is where the need for EAP in the workplace arises. EAPs offer basic legal assistance, referrals, and any other information that can be of use to solve the employee’s problems. EAPs offer solutions to the employees through direct counselling and treatment to the employees. 

A manager is concerned about the organization’s performance. While some employees perform well, others struggle to perform to their full potential. Employee assistance programs or EAPs are short-term intervention programs at the workplace sponsored by employers. The idea is to identify employees who might be going through personal problems and help them resolve such problems that may adversely affect their work performance. Employees might be going through various problems such as marital problems, financial problems, emotional problems, substance abuse, one that requires legal assistance and more. Pandemic was a huge factor that brought depression among people. 

Many individuals lost their jobs while they had families to look after. Many unexpectedly lost their families and close people at the hands of coronavirus. So many people had not been able to meet their families for the last time. Some sectors, such as tourism and real estate, have suffered an incredible loss. So much so that countries and localities which depended on tourism as a source of income have been badly hit. Now when work is returning to its normal mode and employees are returning to the office, employees are having to cope with a fast-paced, dynamic work environment where the complexities and challenges of work are increasing every day. Before they have had the time to cope with their problems, they are facing work challenges. 

To ensure that the employees’ needs are looked after and that they can perform to their best abilities, workplaces should introduce EAPs. Employees who feel cared about show lesser absenteeism, have higher productivity and contribute to a positive work environment required to bring about high productivity in the workplace.


EAPs are necessary for today’s workplace environment, and it is beneficial to both the employee and the employer in the long run. It is a considerably new concept. So the chances are that many offices do not have an EAP yet. Managers, while introducing EAP, should plan the structure, consider the budget and contact the vendor to introduce it to the office environment. Next, when the employees have been explained the need for EAP and how it is beneficial to them, they can approach the professionals in due time and reap the benefits.

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