The C word – Can you say it?

This week our blog comes from the talented team at the Gottman Institute. For those of you not familiar, Professor John Gottman is the world Leader in couple and relationship therapy. We’ve all been there: in the middle of a fight we know we can’t win, aware that our frustration has overwhelmed all sense of […]

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Adelaide Psychologist Jane “Support your team’s Hobbies and Passion Projects. It’s a win- win!”

  It’s no secret that helping people tap into what makes them feel happy and fulfilled at work can boost morale and increase productivity. An engaged employee is often a great communicator & will lead collaborative office projects. On the other hand, not-so-engaged employees may struggle to tap into their creativity, and have a hard […]

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Stressed – Worked up at Work?

How to leave work stress in the office No matter how energised you are by your work, it’s hard to think of a job that doesn’t involve at least some level of stress. Even if you are paid to pet puppies and sample new ice cream flavours all day while getting a massage, there’s still […]

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Is Burnout killing you?

How to Know if Your Burnout Is Killing You This week at Therapia Psychology we are taking a look at the effects of burnout. For the past week and a half, the words “rest” and “burnout” keep coming up. Every conversation I’ve had this week has included the discussion of burnout. Just about every article […]

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It Started With a Kiss

This week on the Therapia Blog we turn our focus to kissing. Kissing can be sweet, erotic, passionate, or affectionate, but no matter how you like to pucker up, you could reap some major benefits from locking lips with your partner. Often one of the complaints raised by a partner in Couple Counselling is “We […]

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Divorce Debt Rises

News Out this week Divorce is costing Australia 14 billion a year. So why is it that Marriage or Couple Counselling is not adequately funded through our Private health funds? The government launched a $200 voucher system this week to a limited number of couples on a trial program for pre-marriage education. Whilst I agree […]

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