Corporate Advisory

If you’ve never consulted a Corporate Advisor, it’s time.

Looking outside one’s business to access insights and high level commercial acumen beyond that available within its own walls does not come naturally for some. The outcomes however are frequently transformational.

The concept of Corporate Advisory is commonly misunderstood and as a result significant value is lost when consummating a transaction. A Corporate Advisor provides a competitive edge for modern business by bringing specialist strategic insights and advice to a range of functions and circumstances within a corporate organisation. These skills might include Mergers and Acquisitions, Capital Raisings, IPO’s or Divestments as well as the management of the relevant team including lawyers and accountants.

Corporate Advisory covers a range of areas including advising on:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Corporate Acquisition / disposals
  • Private Equity investment
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Equity & Debt Structuring
  • Public Relations / Corporate Messaging

Advisory incorporates an expansive field and can only be implemented by those with a wide and extensive range of skills. At Therapia we have the skills to pursue and advance your interests / objectives and thereby maximise value for you.