Relationship Counselling

Does your relationship roadmap need a reboot/ recharge?

Relationship Counselling and Couples Therapy Services in Adelaide

It’s common for couples to encounter challenges at some stage during their relationship. However, some challenges are more serious than others, needing support to recognise the issues and find a way to move forward. Working with a couple to address issues that are often difficult and confronting requires specialist skills and understanding; Therapia’s counsellors in Adelaide are highly experienced, specialising in relationship therapy to address a range of issues faced by couples. We provide relationship counselling services for all partnerships; whether you’re married, living together, straight or gay, Therapia will accept and respect your choices.

Do you know the top 5 predictors of relationship breakdown?

Navigating the relationship road-map can be tough. Too good to leave, too bad to stay. Recommit or quit.

Poor communication is the number one predictor of relationship breakdown. The remaining 4 predictors include sex, money, parenting and betrayal. What is happening in your relationship? Navigating these challenges requires superior communication skills and goodwill. Learning tools for talking, listening and fair fighting will see the relationship strengthen. However, if you are dirty fighting or ignoring the issues feelings of anger, sadness, hopelessness, and fear can grow. Over time these negative emotions will dominate your relationship and lead to breakdown. Don’t want a divorce? Don’t want things to continue as they are? Make an appointment to talk to a relationship therapist today OR enquire about our intensive Relationship Reboot Program. Adelaide’s Leading Counselling Service for Couples

There is no rule book about when a relationship is most likely to need of help. Couples can experience stress and uncertainty after just a few years, or following a decade or two together. Our counsellors and psychologists have the knowledge and expertise to help and support, regardless of where you’re on the relationship roadmap. We will offer genuine strategies to help you both move forward, reconnect & recharge your relationship.