Frequent flyer

When one partner regularly works away from home extra pressure can be placed on the relationship. While the benefits of a fly in fly out (FILO) relationship can include both partners enjoying having their own space at times and the ability to follow their individual interests, a regular FIFO schedule may lead to feelings of loneliness, resentment, mistrust, and isolation. If these emotions arise and are not managed appropriately your loving relationship can become strained and tense. When there are children involved the pressures of FIFO relationships can be exasperated as children and parents adjust to the regular change of a single parent home to a two-parent home. FIFO relationships have the best chance of being successful when both partners have the communication skills so that any negative emotions that arise can be managed appropriately. You may know it’s time to improve your relationship when instead of looking forward to your partner returning home you are looking forward to them leaving, or while at home you wish you had stayed at work! Therapia offers a range of counselling services to assist time poor FIFO couples.