Pre & post nuptial agreements

A Prenuptial is a financial agreement made before marriage. It is designed to protect the assets that each partner brought into the relationship in the case of separation and divorce. A Postnuptial agreement works in a similar way to a Prenuptial agreement except it is made after the wedding. Postnuptial agreements are commonly drawn up so that tensions in the relationship regarding finances, assets and children are resolved. Some couples find that making a Postnuptial agreement can promote harmony in the relationship as one or both partners feel more secure. Common reasons for seeking a Postnuptial agreement include if the financial status of either partner changes after the wedding or during a remarriage whereby one partner wants to secure the financial security of children to a previous relationship. For a Prenuptial or Postnuptial agreement to become legally binding both parties must have sought and received independent legal advice. Therapia can assist both partners to navigate the often challenging discussions that occur when determining the need for such agreements. Make an appointment today.