Our Practice

Our Practice incorporates Couple Therapy, General Psychology and Corporate Advisory. We Build Better Relationships, assisting individuals, couples, executives and business people to achieve their objectives and live their best life.
Mardi Kaye
Relationship Therapist & Clinical Sexologist

Therapia Psychology Founder, Mardi Kaye is a Relationship Therapist and Clinical Sexologist. She has qualifications in Psychology, Relationship Therapy, Clinical Sexology, Counselling, Positive Psychology, Workplace Wellness, Corporate Coaching, Family Therapy, as well as Emotional and Erotic IQ.

Mardi achieved her education here in Australia with the University of Sydney, University of South Australia and the Happiness Institute and whilst living in North America she attended the University of British Columbia, Haven BC Psychotherapy and the world acclaimed Gottman Institute Seattle.

Mardi’s fresh, straight forward approach is engaging and challenges conventional wisdom. Her thoughts and insights on communication, business, coaching, emotional wellness, sex and relationship concerns have helped countless couples and individuals reach their full potential and find balance in a time-poor world.

Mardi’s experience over many years has also often highlighted that the practical implications of her advice to clients can extend to requiring a Corporate Advisor, Professional Negotiator / Mediator and Strategist to best implement her advice in a practical and commercial sense . She ensures entrepreneurial wealth and education are not only retained but maximised. This objective is consistent with Therapia’s 360-degree approach to providing a complete holistic outcome.

Jane Poutney

Jane is a registered psychologist with a Master's Degree in Social Science (Psychological Practice) and she also holds a Graduate Diploma in Systemic Practices and Family Therapy. With a wide range of work and life experience over 25 years as a psychologist, she is skilled in dealing with varied and complex situations.

In your first appointment with Jane, her immediate focus will be on providing a calm therapeutic environment which helps you feel at ease, and in reassuring you that you will be listened to in a thoughtful and non-judgemental manner. She will work with you at your own pace to clarify your concerns, and to explore ways for you to deal with them.

People come to see a psychologist for very normal human worries: life changes, relationships beginning or struggling or ending, illness, anxiety, depression, loneliness, and loss. It can be very helpful to speak to someone outside of your immediate circle, who is focused on your options and choices for managing or overcoming your distress. Jane will work with you to do this, helping you to develop your resilience, become more aware of your own strengths, and to develop new skills if you want to do so.

Confidentiality Assured

Our counselling sessions are confidential and we place high value on the information you disclose, however from time to time there may be legal or ethical requirements that make it necessary for us to discuss information about your counselling with other professionals.

Such situations may include:

  • We are legally required to report a serious and imminent threat to life, health, or property of yourself or any other significant other.
  • We are legally obliged to report any suspected abuse of a person under the age of 18.
  • If we are ordered by a court to release your records we are legally obliged to do so.
  • Our professional obligation is to reflect on our practice in conjunction with a clinical supervisor. The focus of such discussions is on our work and not on your personal details, your identity will not be disclosed.

Therapia Psychology requires two full business days’ notice if you wish to change or cancel an appointment time. A missed appointment with less than 2 full working days will result in the full fee being applied. In these circumstances your credit card will be charged and the receipt mailed to you. We appreciate that unforeseen circumstances may arise; we cannot accept responsibility for these.

Relationship Recharge & Passion Prescription

These Programs are exclusive to Therapia Psychology. Couples participating in these programs will need to be highly motivated, committed & prepared to work towards change. The programs must be paid in full prior to commencement. Payment can be made via credit card. Participation and appointment times will not be confirmed until full payment has been received.

We appreciate that unforeseen or extenuating circumstances may arise, however programs are non–refundable & Therapia cannot accept responsibility for the participating couples changing circumstances

Individual 60 minute $275.00
Individual 90 minute $397.00

Individual Psychology is entitled to a rebate via Medicare. To access this service, you will require a mental health care plan from your GP. The rebate will be $88.25. When seeking a plan from your GP please book an extended appointment. Plans can be forwarded to info@therapia.net.au

Service 60 minute
Individual $234.80
*All Relationship and Clinical Sexology programs are tailored to the couple following an introductory block of time:
Service 5 Hour Block 8 Hour Block
Couple/ Individual $2750.00 $4000.00
* Please note appointments with Mardi are Prepaid and facilitated by booking a block of sessions. All sessions hold 12 month validity.
Clinical sexology
Service 5 Hour Block 8 Hour Block
Couple/ Individual $2750.00 $4000.00
Corporate Advisory
Service Bi-Annually Annually
Fees $17,100.00 $33,000.00
Workplace Wellness
12 month packages commence at $9000.00
Booking & Payment Cancellation and changes

*We require 2 full working days’ notice.

* All fees paid via credit card/EFTPOS attract a processing fee. If paying cash please advise prior to your appointment

*All appointments must be confirmed with a credit card.

Couple Therapy & Clinical Sexology

* All consultations booked with Mardi our Relationship Therapist and Clinical Sexologist are in high demand and paid in advance. Initial sessions are booked in a block of 5. Please choose a 90 minute or 120 minute session or a combination of both.

*Relationship Programs will be tailored to the individual or couples needs following your initial 5 hour block.

*Mardi consults Tuesday to Thursday.

Individual Psychology:

If you are booking in with one of our individual Psychologists and need to change OR cancel your appointment 2 full working days’ notice is required or the full session fee applies. Our Psychologists consult Monday to Thursday.

Workplace Wellness

If your employer is part of our workplace wellness program please make an appointment with your GP and ask for a Mental Health Care Plan. When you have the plan call us to make an appointment.

Other Fees:

The following items are charged in 15-minute blocks as per our fee schedule above.

Phone consultations between booked appointments.

Reading and responding to emails outside of scheduled appointments.

Session preparation via the analysing of psychological testing documents.

Session planning for Therapia’s Relationship Reboot, Passion Prescription and Gottman Check-Up.

Therapia Psychology consultations are by appointment only. Clients of Therapia are encouraged to discuss with their therapists the development and implementation of a safety/support plan if they feel they require support between consultations.

If you feel at immediate risk of hurting yourself or others please seek urgent assistance via an appointment with your GP, presenting to the nearest emergency room of any major hospital, or phoning the emergency mental health service on 13 14 65. Lifeline can also be contacted on 13 11 14.

If you feel at immediate risk of being hurt by someone who is experiencing a mental health concern and may be violent/abusive, or who is under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol please contact the police on 000 or 131 144.

Therapia cannot provide an emergency service to any member of the public with whom we do not have a past or present therapeutic relationship with.