Clinical Sexology

Enjoy a better sex life sooner.

Achieve a fulfilling and healthy sex life with Therapia’s Clinical Sexologist

Our sexuality is a significant part of who we are, affecting the way we think and feel about ourselves and our bodies, and often extending to our relationship with others.

Our Clinical Sexologist and relationship therapist is highly experienced in working closely with both individuals and couples to address your complex relationship concerns.

What does a Clinical Sexologist do?

A sexologist is an expert within the field of Human Sexuality. Sexologists most often divide their time between education, research and therapy. A clinical sexologist will have post graduate qualifications and knowledge from the fields of psychology, medicine, anthropology, sociology and biology.

Human sexuality is broad and most sexologists are interested in the diversity of human sexuality.

Topics of Interest to a practising Clinical Sexologist might be:

  • What contributes to sexual development
  • Sexual dysfunction – causes and solutions
  • Sexual Behaviour
  • For some sexologists, a large part of their work involves educating people about human sexuality and encouraging honest discussions about issues such as communication in relationships, healthy sexual development, and methods for preventing the spread of disease.

A sexologist will often meet with scepticism from people unfamiliar with the field.

Most people are uncomfortable discussing sex and sexuality. Sexologists sometimes meet with opposition when they present the findings of their research studies, seek funding to assist with new studies, or even mention what they do at a dinner party…

Some notable researchers in the field include Alfred Kinsey, author of the notorious Kinsey Reports, along with William Masters and Virginia Johnson.

What is Clinical Sexology?

Clinical sexology is the scientific study of sex. Clinical sexologists are interested in understanding what people do sexually and how they feel about what they do. Sexology covers the broad spectrum of human sexual behaviour and the many factors that influence people’s behaviour and feelings about their sexuality.

Clinical sexology is not the diagnosis and treatment of medical issues. If a referral to a specialist is required this will be facilitated by the clinical sexologist.

Clinical sexologists can assist individual and couples with their issues and concerns. The following is a list of common presenting problems, but is not exhaustive of all issues that many individuals/couples face. The clinical sexologist at Therapia is a non-judgemental practitioner and is trained to assist regardless of the concern presented.

  • Finding satisfying sexual activities after surgery, a health crisis, ongoing health challenges or limited mobility
  • Maintaining intimacy and satisfying sexual activities during pregnancy and parenthood
  • Feeling abnormal (in terms of sexual behaviour, fantasy, capability, physique, etc.)
  • Cyber relationships
  • Sex education and skill building
  • Body Dysphoria – Feeling negative about one’s body
  • Desire Differences
  • Sexual orientation (heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, transgender and, poly-amorous relationships)
  • Infidelity
  • Negotiating sexual likes and dislikes
  • Gender identity
  • Erectile difficulty
  • Inability to reach orgasm
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Sexual aversion to touch, intimacy, penetration or pain
  • Unconsummated marriages or relationships
  • Sexual addiction