Relationship therapy is a specialisation

Often people can become confused by the terms Psychologist and Relationship Therapist as they are sometimes used interchangeably. It is important to note that although there are many similarities between the professions not all Psychologists are Relationship Therapists, and not all Relationship Therapists are Psychologists. The minimum requirement for registration as a Psychologist is an approved four year degree in psychology followed by either a two year Masters program or two years supervised general practice. Specialisation within a chosen field of psychology requires further training and education. Psychologist deal primarily with individual psychological issues within a medical and psychoanalytical framework. If required Psychologists are trained to diagnose, and treat, mental health disorders. Relationship therapy is a specific field that requires specialised skills and knowledge. Relationship Therapists may hold a qualification from a range of fields including psychiatry, psychology, family therapy, social work, clinical sexology, and counselling. What makes Relationship Therapists unique is their specific post graduate training in couple counselling following their 4 or 6 year degree. Working with a couple to address issues that are often complex and confronting requires specialist skills and understanding. Therapists who specialise in relationship therapy view the relationship as a whole and individual issues are addressed within the context of the relationship. Therapia Relationship Therapists are highly skilled, have extensive training, and are engaged in utilising counselling methods and tools that are all supported in their effectiveness by current scientific research. Relationship Therapy is a complex field to navigate. Completing this journey with a practitioner who is specifically trained to manage the issues ensures your relationship roadmap is understood, well supported, and respected.