Workplace Wellness

Keeping staff motivated and productive takes more than posters in the boardroom.

Benefits of Workplace Health and Wellness Programs

Initiated by the Government and Supported by businesses, employees & their family members can now receive Psychology and Counselling services with no “out of pocket cost” for consultation.

This results in a Win/ Win for the Employer and the Employee. A recent mental health commission report outlined that a healthy work place is a happy and productive workplace. 75% of all Australians will be temporarily impacted by a mental health condition at some point in their life, most commonly anxiety and depression. The cost to Australian companies for lost productivity is currently 10.9 billion annually!

By providing staff psychological support and well-being strategies your business can cultivate a more resilient and effective team. Ongoing research suggests that businesses willing to invest in effective mental health strategies stand to gain a return of up to $10 for every $1 spent. Welfare in the workplace is critical to your company’s success. Our Relationship Therapists, Psychologists and Corporate Coaches can provide a range of contemporary services to enhance your team’s personal or professional performance.

CEO’s from BRW top 500 performing companies recognise that workplace wellbeing is a critical tool in maintaining and increasing productivity.

Workplace Wellness programs promote wellbeing by providing support. Consultations are available to staff and their direct family members.

We will provide your Business with Contemporary marketing material that can be displayed in Staff amenity areas such as kitchen, meeting rooms and toilets plus Regular Blogs and Video content. Your business can also be profiled as one of our Workplace Wellness Partners on our new website and through LinkedIn.